I’m a 16 year old girl who had severe acne. My skin was also extremely oily.   Sometimes my skin was so bad, I missed days of school cause it was so embarrassing. I would cry when my friends invited me places as simple as going to the mall or the movies. When my mother got this kit, I wasn’t sure, cause it had oil. I have oily skin! I don’t need any more oil! But I tried it, I tried everything eles. Accutane, Retin-A and it was either too drying and made my skin hurt or the side effects scared me. After a week I did notice my skin broke out less. I thought it was my imagination. But after two weeks, NO NEW BREAKOUTS! And I did notice fading of acne scars. After two months my skin is 98% clear! I get the occasional period pimple, but nothing to stress over. My mom cried when she saw how I was being more social and getting out more, but mainly when she saw my clear face. Thank you Clean and Pure!—Teri, Nevada

I’m a mother of four kids, three boys and a girl. All of them including myself have different skin issues. But this kits works on all of them! After a month of using, all of our skin, from the driest (me) to the oiliest, (my 14 year old son), look and feel balanced and baby bottom smooth. I did buy a kit for each of us, and for me it was worth it. Following the instructions to the letter and with teenagers, even their kit lasted five months! Will be purchasing again.—Gwen, Kansas

Being up in Alaska, the weather can do serious damage to the skin. The cold can dry it out to the point of pain. I was so happy, when I saw you shipped to Alaska—and for free! The kit is a godsend. My skin as never looked or felt better. And it didn’t take months or even weeks to see results.—Jessie, Alaska

This will be my skin care for life!—Nuff Said!—Carrie, Florida

Here in California, I have access to all the skin care that can be offered, and all the plastic surgeons and dermatologists too. I have seen some crazy prices for some concoctions, Who would pay $2500.00 for a 1 oz cream, with stuff you can’t pronounce and not sure it it will work? I came across this kit, and said, why not? It was the best purchase I ever made—next to my Jimmy Cho shoes. LOL. I’m 55 years old, and people swear I’m 30. Thirty! Can you believe it!—Patty, California

I was a bit wary of the price of the kit, but then when I saw how much product I got, and how long it would last, I figured I would save more in the long run. So glad that I bit the bullet! In two weeks I saw and felt a visible difference in my skin. And the skin feels healthy, unlike the feel you get after using doctor prescription stuff or department store products. Kristie — Washington

These products are fantastic; and a little does go a long way. But better than that, they work and work fast. I was always told that no skin care product could lift the skin. WRONG! The B3 serum works wonders. I swear, after three weeks I saw the skin around my mouth look lifted. And my cheekbones looked more sculpted. No more contouring with makeup to get a cheekbone! Lauren — Nebraska

I’m a guy and the thought of using skin care never crossed my mind. But after seeing my wife’s face start to brighten with this kit, it got me wondering. I have smokers face. You heard of smokers cough or smokers lips. I have smokers face. The skin was yellow, wrinkled and sagging. After using this kit for a month, I saw great improvement of my skin. The yellow was gone and replaced with a healthy glow, the wrinkles were lessening and the sagging skin seemed to tighten. Needless to say I cut back a lot on smoking, I don’t want to reverse the effects or fight against it working. Jonathan — Georgia